Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weigh -In Wednesday plus late weekend recap

Happy Halloween ladies!! Weigh in Wednesday sucked balls today! I stayed the exact same from last week. At least it is not a gain so I'll have to stay positive. I've been meaning to do a post since Monday but my hubby and I went on a weekend trip to San Antonio for his 30th birthday this past weekend. I made some very little healthy choices! We did walk everywhere we went so I'm sure that helped. We walked the river walk, had a fajitas and ritas dinner Friday, had a romantic dinner in the Towers of Americas Saturday, and went to the traders village Sunday before heading home.

 It was a really nice weekend with lots of quality time with my husband. We both enjoyed it so much! We came back Sunday and had the day off Monday so we just relaxed around the house and I got back to my routine. Tuesday back at work felt like a big ole Monday to me and it sucked! I made some pumpkin muffins for the first time last night and they are yummy and turned out to be only 114 calories each. Awesome.

 I am feeling really good today and like I can stay on track and do good finally. Tried my first Luna bar (one of the healthy choices I made) and it was pretty good. I got an extra so I ate it Tuesday morning.

I am finally starting the C25K tomorrow come hell or high water lol. I also just purchased the Turbo Jam Dvd's and hope to get my sweat on when those get here next week. Have my November calendar printed out so I can plan ahead (something I suck at) with food and exercise and be ahead of the game. I only lost 3 lbs. the whole month of October and I KNOW I can do better! I need to get my ass in gear because nobody is going to do this for me! I definitely want to be slimmer by December!! Let's kick November's ASS!!!!

                                                    Just tried this soup today! Love it! SO good
                                                    and only 200 calories for the whole can!



  1. aww glad you and hubs had fun those muffins look good!!!

  2. I love San Antonio! Let us know how Turbo Jam works out!

  3. HOLY COW...what is that drink with the DOS EQIUS in it!!!! Damm I love TEXAS!!!

  4. Thanks girls!! Susan I'll let ya know ;) And Lizzie it was a frozen margarita with a Dos XX in it! DosRita! YUMMY!!! :)


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