Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday to ME!!!! (Weekend Recap)

Hello hook-stars!! Today is my 29th birthday!

Bummed it's on a Monday and I have to work,but I am going to make it a great day anyway!! I had a good weekend with family and friends and lots of food!! I am already tired of eating out and still have to go two more times today. Friday it was Red Lobster with some family.

                                                    My LobsterRita from Red Loster Friday night

Saturday I took the kids over to our friends house to paint pumpkins and let the kids play. I love spending time with my awesome friends and love that our kids are making memories and will be lifetime friends!!

                                                    Layla and her hot pink pumpkin ;)

                                                                  Finished Product :)

Sunday I spent time with my babies and hubby all day! It was great!! My hubby took me to my favorite place to eat (Abuelo's). He also ordered me the new teal lifeproof case for my Iphone that I have been wanting! I love that man, and he sure does know how to spoil me!!

                                                                        Sisterly Love
                                                                      My babies

I plan on enjoying my birthday today and getting back on the grind tomorrow!! Starting two a day JM videos, counting calories, and drinking water like it's my job!! My birthday present to myself is to get healthy and start this new year the right way! Hope by my 30th birthday in a year I can be close to or at my goal weight!!!!

Happy Monday!



  1. My bday this year is on a Monday so I feel ya :) plus I have to go to the Dentist that day!!!UGH...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. You got this! Remember tonight eat half of what you order! Dont OVER do it! :)Happy Birthday!!!! And you are gonna look back next year on your 30th birthday and say Damn i look better at 30 than I did at 29! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Mine is also 10/15, just 10 years earlier. :) I started blogging to count down to my 40th. Look forward to cheering you on along the way too!


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