Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Mentality

It's Monday and a new day to start fresh! So I am having a hard time getting that "Monday Mentality" out of my life! What is "Monday Mentality" you ask? Well, to me it is eating good all week and then doing just plain horrible on the weekends! Telling myself that I can "start over" on Monday every week! It's killing my weight loss and motivation!! It is easier for me during the week because I work all day. On the weekends I am at home with my hubby and kiddos all day and we eat out alot. One of my goals will be to start trying to plan better for those times. I need to plan meals and workouts for the weekends and not just the week. Even when my hubby requests something fom a restraunt I need to get it in my mind that I will not eat the unhealthy food and continue with what I have planned for myself! I know nobody but me is going to help me do this! I need to turn to my inner skinny goddess and help her break free!! Happy Monday


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