Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's In A Name? Link-up

Hey ya'll! I am doing a link up today because I love babies and I love baby names! Plus I have baby fever really bad right now so it makes me smile to talk about these things. Amanda over at My Very Own Modern Family is hosting the link up. Go over and check her blog out and join in the fun.

I have been blessed with two beautiful baby girls. Hoping to have a third child in the near future and hoping we get a boy this time. Either one is fine with me but I would really love to give the hubby a son. You never know what will happen! Excited to see what our future will bring. But for now let me gloat about the two beauties I have right now!!

The one thing we decided early on was that we weren't going to name our kids after anyone in our families. Why? Oh because let's see I have a mom, dad, step mom, step dad, and double grandparents. and he has his mom, dad, grandparents. So alot of people to get feelings hurt if not named after them lol

Layla Rae- The hubby and I were so undecided on a girls name.  He didn't like most of mine and I didn't like most of his. One day I was watching Big Daddy with Adam Sandler and the lawyer he falls in love with is named Layla. I had forgotten about this name and loved it! It wasn't too common at the time, either. SO I made the suggestion and my husband actually agreed! He likes the name because of the song "Layla" by Eric Clapton. So he takes credit for naming her but I really think I suggested it first! lol Rae just sounded good with it and we liked the spelling of it. If she would have been a boy her name would have been Parker.

Presley Skye- I loved the name before I even got pregnant. My hubby also liked it and for obvious reasons- Elvis Presley and agreed upon it. He likes the whole rock and roll theme names going on with our kiddos. lol  He likes to take credit for naming both our girls but I had a little something to do with it! Skye went well with it and I also have always loved the name Sky and added and E to the end. If she would have been a boy her name would've been Maddox.

Have a great Tuesday lovelies!!



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