Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivational Monday

Here's some Monday Motivation for ya! I love this one! I have felt like this many times at a gym or running around my neighborhood  Sometimes you actually see people laughing or making fun of you or you just think they are. Or I do at least. 

So I had it all planned out to workout this morning. I had a date with Chalene and turbo fire at 5 am. I had my workout clothes and shoes all set out. My HRM and water bottle in place, and even had the DVD in the player ready to go. Annnnnnnnnnnd my alarm never went off!!!! BOOOOOOOO it seems like when I have the best intentions is when I totally get screwed somehow. Something comes up, goes wrong, or gets in the way. So now I have decided I have to do it tonight after the girls are in bed. I'll try again in the morning tomorrow and get my routine going. This time I'll triple check the alarm and pep talk myself outta bed. I am so not a morning person but after I workout in the mornings I feel so much better and energized for the day! Here is hoping to a great week.


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