Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's get the "Turbo Fire" Started

OK so I posted on Friday and was in a terrible mood and a little down in the dumps. Sorry if I brought your mood down with me! Back to feeling somewhat normal and as I said Friday I started my Turbo Fire (TF) Monday evening. Letmejustsay I LOVED it! It was fast paced, had music blaring in the background  and was a lot of kicking, punching, and kicking ass! The 40 minutes flew by and I was pouring sweat! I also did the stretch 10 class after that and cooled off. It was the best workout I've done so far. I felt so good after I was done and have never felt that sense of accomplishment from a workout before. I am sure it had to do with how many calories I burned. 694! Yes that's what I said and nobody is going to burst my bubble! I bought a HRM watch yesterday before I did TF to track calories burned so I could log it. Why did I not have this little device before? I think that is what made me so proud and feel so great about the workout because I actually get to see what hard work will add up to! I really think I have found my nitch in this journey and with TF, my new little watch, and my renewed attitude I think I will finally be able to go further than ever before! I don't know when the kick in the butt moment happened but I feel like I can really do it. I know I will fail at times still but I see those times getting fewer and further between! I hope to keep this feeling because today I feel good!



  1. That is awesome girl! Where did you get the monitor thing? ANd what brand? I need something that tells me calories burned!!

  2. I've heard of it, I can never really keep up with the ass kicking dancing kick my own ass videos lol. Jillian has been the first video i could ever stay with. Stay strong!

  3. I got the HRM at Wal Mart :) At first I thought that it had to be too high and inaccurate, but after asking around it seems that it is pretty accurate afterall!

    I couldn't stick with Jillian! A little boring for me. lol


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