Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Finds

1. TOM came today and I have not done good all week! Got one 30 min C25K in and that's it! Eating has been so-so but sweets are killing me!
2. It seems like I do really good one week and then the next I don't! I end up losing and gaining the same lbs. back!
3. Hoping that since purchasing Turbo Fire and starting this coming Monday that I can get my ass in gear and stick to it for once in my life!!
4. It's really hard when you feel like you are alone in this journey! I know I have alot of support here and on MLFC page but wish I had just one person here with me to be my accountability partner!

I'll never give up again now that I've REALLY started back as of October 1st. I just have those 

days where I eat like my old fat girl self and then regret it! I just tell myself slow weight loss is still 

weight loss! But I also know if I want to be at my goal by my 30th birthday next Oct.15th I need to 

kick it in gear and have less of those fat girl days, ya know? lol

Sorry for being the Debbie Downer


  1. I get like that some days too... but I have learned take it one meal at a time... not even one week or day! The past is over... all you can control now is dinner tonight and what you do the rest of the day! If you want add me on MFP and I can be your daily accountability partner... I put everything on there... so some days are NOT pretty- but I know what I am eating and it helps to have that in there! I also bought a bag of Dove dark chocolate that I keep at my desk- the lady next to me has all this candy- its super tempting- well I told her dont let me have any and I eat a piece of dark chocolate instead.... it helps. I am 28 turning 29 in March so we are close in age too! Let me know if you are interested because it always helps having a buddy! I have a few people at work that I walk to the gym at lunch with... also a good thing to have! :)

  2. oh gotta give you my name on there dont I? haha... LSUsweetiepie84 is my MFP name

  3. I am having one of those weeks myself! I have been on my FINAL attempt to lose weight and have been doing well. I lost 30lbs by my 30th birthday (NOV 1) and this week has been horrible!

    One thing that has helped me ...before this week... I reward myself at each 5lbs lost. I bought a new pair of running shoes, new purse, moisture wicking socks, new workout outfit, sports bra, yoga mat, free weights, water bottle...You get it. LOL. Also when I reached a big weight loss goal (one of the smaller goals like 5% or 10%) I would treat myself to getting my nails done or buying a new outfit.

    I just tried to stay focused mainly. It is very hard and winter is the worst time for me. I just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies. The thing I need to remember is how good I am feeling at 33lbs lighter. I am under 200lbs finally and I donated all of my Bigger clothes. It feels good. My hubby continues to tell me I look hot and how skinny or tiny I am. Those comments make me feel like the hottest girl on the planet. LOL. No but really the comments make me feel good and want to keep going.

    Don't start off with your ultimate goal weight on your mind. Just say...I will drink at least a gallon of water today. Or I will walk at least 15 minutes today. You will feel so much better afterwards and then try it again the next day. Pretty soon you will find yourself looking forward to those walks. Or whatever kind of workout you choose. Also, try to have a fruit or veggies with each meal or snack. Baby steps and one meal at a time, one day at a time.

    Good Luck to you! You can do this. If I can You definitely can!


  4. Thank you so much Melissa and Whitney!! Both of you motivate me! Melissa I added you on MFP for accountability! Whitney than you for the kind and motivational words!! It is going to help me alot! Thanks girls!

  5. Also am following your blog now Whitney!


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