Thursday, December 27, 2012

"It's Ok" Thursday (My first link up)

My first attempt at a link up so I hope I do it right!! Linking up with Amber and Neely!

It's Ok... that I am wishing the last few days of this year would hurry up because I am ready for 2013!

It's Ok... that my house is still in disarray because of Christmas and I don't care!

It's Ok... that I have baby fever REALLY bad!

It's Ok... that I am in love with my new fitbit One

It's ok.. that I am new at this, but I love it!



  1. So yay for your first link up. You did it right... AND wth is this fitbit One talk? I feel so un~cool.

  2. You? Uncool? NEVER! haha........It's a little fancy pedometer like tracker that you clip to your pants, pocket, or bra (mine's on my bra). It tracks steps, stairs, calories burned, and sleep. It even has a silent vibrating alarm you can set so it wakes you up and nobody else in the mornings :) That part I love! It has an app for iPhone 4 or newer and also syncs and works together with MFP and other apps. It really does make you aware of your activity from day to day and makes me want to be up and getting all my steps and stairs in! :)Cost about $100 I got mine at best buy.


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